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CWA of Louisiana is Giving Help and Hope in the Midst of Catastrophic Flooding!

By September 6, 2016Louisiana
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Through the generosity and love of CWA’s national leaders, the women of CWA of Louisiana are preparing to provide financial support, as well as spiritual and emotional support, to those affected by the Louisiana floods.

On August 11, 2016, prolonged rainfall began in southern parts of state of Louisiana resulting in catastrophic flooding that submerged thousands of houses and businesses. Louisiana’s governor, John Bel Edwards, called the disaster a “historic, unprecedented flooding event” and declared a state of emergency. Many rivers and waterways, particularly the Amite and Comite rivers, reached record levels, and rainfall exceeded 20 inches in multiple parishes.

Because of the large number of homeowners without flood insurance that were affected, the  federal government is providing disaster aid through the Federal Emergency Management  Agency (FEMA). The flood has been called the worst U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Thirteen deaths have been reported as a result of the flooding.

However, many other organizations are stepping in to help, including Concerned Women for America. A gift of $5,000 was given to the Louisiana organization which will be used to provide Walmart gift cards to those in need in the two hardest hit areas in the state — the Lafayette/Acadiana area and the Baton Rouge area.

We are SO proud of the people of Louisiana who have come to the aid of their fellow citizens throughout this entire catastrophic event, and of the timely and effective efforts of state        government to bring in the help needed.  We definitely learned from experiences of previous catastrophic weather occurrences. We are also grateful for the aid of national organizations such as FEMA and the American Red Cross.

 However, Concerned Women for America is a national organization that not only prays, but takes action, and we want to be “boots on the ground” in this effort to help the people of Louisiana.

For we know …  this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from His       glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

Please Pray: 

  • That those affected by the flooding will KNOW that God will supply all of their needs from His glorious riches which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.
  • That the people of Louisiana will cry out to God in the midst of this tragedy and discover something so much greater than they even imagined.
  • That the people of Louisiana will continue to stand together until every family affected by this tragedy is restored to a place of safety and stability.

Please Act:

  • Contact CWA of Louisiana to help with the distribution of the gift cards.
  • Check with organizations across the state to see how you can join them in their efforts.
  • Find a way in which your community can assist those in need.
  • Give to support the work of CWA of Louisiana. Go to and click on “Donate to your State”.

 We thank you in advance for your love and action!

Sancha N. Smith
State Director
CWA of Louisiana