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CWA of Iowa Provides a Conservative Counterpoint

By March 15, 2011Iowa
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The week of February 14, I was asked by a state legislator to put together a legislative forum. The League of Women Voters was having a forum and we decided that there needed to be a conservative counterpoint to their forum. I had recently been approved as a CWA Prayer/Action Chapter Leader and wanted to use CWA as the sponsor for this event. Tamara Scott, CWA’s State Director in Iowa, encouraged me to go ahead. So I did! I was assured that five of the six legislators from our area would attend. I sent out e-mails to everyone I knew who would be sympathetic to our cause as well as to all the media outlets.

We had over 100 attendees. God did an unbelievable thing. The people who attended were not your typical conservative attendees. It was a God thing because I know these people were not reached directly by my e-mails. We had approximately 20-30 of the regular conservative insiders. The League of Women Voters event had one legislator and 30 + people. Even some of their people came over to our event when theirs was finished. We had a popular radio talk show host as the moderator. The questions had to be written out before they could be asked to keep the discussion civil (which it was).

The legislators were extremely pleased with the way the event turned out and want to have another one like it before the end of the legislative session. I agreed to do so. We had a great article written in the Sioux City Journal during the week of the event listing all the different forums going on that day. It is amazing how well events go when God is orchestrating it.