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CWA of Iowa Encourages You to Oppose the Next Generation Science Standards

By October 10, 2013Iowa
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As you may know, the concerning and controversial Common Core has been integrated in Iowa. The English Language Arts and Mathematics are in schools. The Iowa Department of Education is now considering adding what is called the Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS).

Prevailing on the principle of the 10th Amendment, we are asking you to take a few minutes and let the Iowa Department of Education know your concerns about the Next Generation Science Standards by taking their survey on NGSS.

The deadline for completing the NGSS survey is Friday, October 11, 2103. Please take a few minutes and complete the survey. Click here to take the survey.

So what is so concerning about Next Generation Science Standards?

Here are just some of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s concerns with NGSS:

  • It is too heavy on practices (skills).
  • Progression of topics is flawed.
  • Key terms are not adequately defined.
  • Much fundamental content is missing.
  • Assessment boundaries limit coverage of important content
  • Standards are poorly written and hard to follow.
  • Standards avoid mathematical relationships and calculations.

Here are some of Robert P. Lattimer’s, President / Secretary of Citizens for Objective Public Education, concerns:

  • NGSS asks religious questions and provides only materialistic answers.
  • NGSS employs, but does not disclose or explain, methodological naturalism.
  • NGSS does not distinguish between experimental and historical science.
  • NGSS omits evidence inferring teleology or design in nature.
  • NGSS provides only materialistic explanations in historical origins science.
  • NGSS is biased in its emphasis on manmade climate change, negative interactions of man with the environment, and sustainable development.
  • NGSS does not distinguish between microevolution (well accepted) and macroevolution (controversial).
  • NGSS is unconstitutional in that it promotes a materialistic religious worldview.

Thank you for taking the survey! Please pass this e-mail onto friends and family and encourage them to take the survey as well.

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Tamara Scott
State Director
CWA of Iowa