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CWA of Iowa Declares “No More!”

By March 15, 2011Iowa
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It’s a new day in America and an exciting one. The American people are rising up and once again restoring the foundational principles of this great Representative Republic. Financial downfalls and hard times have given way to fiscally minded taxpayers who are saying “No More”. No more earmarks, no more fraudulent spending, no more failures like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and NOW, NO MORE FUNDING OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

CWA alone sent 980,000 petitions to Congress, and together with other pro-life groups have sent over 1 million petitions through e-mail and other communication devices. We THANK those congressional members who listened. Congressmen King and Latham, thank you for working on behalf of all Americans, including the unborn.

We join with millions more Americans in calling our Senators Tuesday, March 8, and demanding they defund Planned Parenthood. While it’s true defunding Planned Parenthood is defending babies, it in no way is a mandate on abortion. Taxpayers are simply say NO-MORE should my tax dollars fund nearly 1/3 of PPH’s annual budget of 1 BILLION DOLLARS with an 85 Million dollar profit.

People are laid-off, unemployed, gas prices continue to sky-rocket and food costs increase, Moms and Dads across America are sacrificing to provide for their children and should NOT be forced to fund the killing of others.

Planned Parenthood implies that they do much more than kill babies. Yet a woman seeking their services is 42x’s more likely to receive an abortion than prenatal or adoption referrals. 97 percent of women will be bullied into an abortion while less than 2.4 percent receive any non-abortion services. Yet, even bullying women into abortions, the nation’s unplanned pregnancy rate continues to climb. Even with your funding, Planned Parenthood has failed in its mission.

In the latest Lila Rose under-cover video of Planned Parenthood’s services, viewers watch as a Planned Parenthood staffer shares how she can work around legal requirements of reporting minors to help a supposed PIMP cover up the trafficking of young girls who were smuggled into this country illegally.

Several times the staffer noted free services & testing could be found at the county clinic. Offering services and testing was not their concern, abortions are their business

Planned Parenthood is right, they do more than just abortion, they blatantly abandon required reporting that accompanies government money, and they were willing to knowingly aid and abet smuggling, prostitution, statutory rape and the trafficking of minors.

Viewers who are also voters are saying, NO-More should Planned Parenthood receive $360, million annually in government grants and contracts. We demand accountability and good stewardship of our money.

Planned Parenthood touts their work in the public schools educating our nations’ youth in pregnancy prevention. Just last Thursday, March 3, 2011, ABC’s Nightline did a story on today’s teenagers. One in 6 are pregnant, unwed, still in high school unable, and many unequipped, to provide a stable home for a young child. Once again, Planned Parenthood has failed in its mission on the tax-payer’s dime.

3.5 billion dollars a DECADE is being stripped from the paychecks of hard-working Americans. Money that could greatly diminish the deficit, at the very least could go to research for cancer, Parkinson’s, childhood leukemia or juvenile diabetes. 3.5 billion a decade stripped from the paychecks of hard-working Americans simply to subsidize the sex-lives of teenagers through Planned Parenthood.

NO MORE! Take back your country and take back your money! Remember Planned Parenthood is a 1billion dollar a year organization with an 85 Million dollar profit. Keeping our money in our own pockets won’t destroy Planned Parenthood, but it would greatly help you provide for your family.

JOIN WITH THE MILLIONS WHO ALREADY HAVE, and CALL YOUR SENATORS and demand they vote to DEFUND Planned Parenthood! We don’t support the killing of innocent babies before they ever take their first breath.