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CWA of Iowa Commends Congressman King for Defending Marriage

By July 21, 2011Iowa
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Concerned Women for America of Iowa gives a hearty “Thank you!” to Congressman Steve King (R-5th District) for testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee to oppose the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. We appreciate his vigilance in protecting our U.S. Constitution and we the people from those who would deny us due process. Please read Congressman Kings press release on the issue and take a moment to send a note of thanks to Congressman King, a friend of the family and a defender of our freedom.

With Iowa going from five Congressmen down to four after the 2010 census, it is imperative that we have someone like Congressman King who honestly reflects the will of the people. With political unrest, economic crises and the breakdown of family, Iowans can be confident that Congressman King will champion our values.

Click here to read Congressman King’s press release, read his testimony and/or view his testimony.

Click here to send Congressman King a thank you note. It’s easy!

For Freedom,

Tamara Scott
State Director
CWA of Iowa