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Current News Out of North Dakota

By June 29, 2019North Dakota
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#1 – Linda Thorson’s, interview on Real Presence Radio Station (Podcast):

Linda and Fr. James Cheney talk about the Planned Parenthood and North Dakota State University provision of a Sex Education Professional Development credit to ND teachers.

Interview on this topic begins at the 6: 10-minute mark.

#2 – Columnist from the Fargo Forum recognizes a discouraging and disappointing friendship between Planned Parenthood and NDSU.

“Linda Thorson, state director for Concerned Women for America, offered a fitting analogy in her letter, asking how taxpayers would feel if North Dakota, which leads the nation in binge and underage drinking, were to partner with Anheuser-Busch to provide training on safe alcohol consumption, then funnel grant money back to its instructors.”

Link to Thorson’s letter.

#3 – Questions Answered:  State Senator and past State Director of CWA of ND discusses AMA lawsuit against ND abortion laws.

CWA of North Dakota is mentioned by Host Joel Heitkamp at the 11:31 mark of the interview.

#4 – Read CWA of North Dakota’s Press Release.