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Cosmo Admits Unborn Babies React and Feel Pain at 20 weeks

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If you aren’t an avid reader of Cosmopolitan Magazine, I would generally say you aren’t missing anything. The women’s magazine, which is dedicated to showcasing the latest fashion, sex, and dating advice is brimming with celebrity gossip, sex position ideas, and dieting tips; you know, the topics that liberal media elites think American women REALLY want to read about. However, the magazine released news yesterday that may shock and enlighten readers.

In a tweet sent out Tuesday, the magazine showcased “disturbing” pictures and video clips of how babies react from within the womb from 24-36 weeks of age when their mother smokes cigarettes over the course of 13 weeks. The results were first issued in the Acta Paediatrica, “a peer-reviewed monthly journal at the forefront of international pediatric research” and were “discovered by Researchers from Durham and Lancaster University.” The pictures along the top row shown below display the babies reacting to the smoke inhaled by the mother, and the bottom row of pictures display the babies whose mothers did not smoke.

babies react

The babies on the top row are seen covering their faces and mouths in reaction to the toxic chemicals ingested by the mother. But pro-abortion groups claim these fetuses aren’t actually humans, and they further claim that these babies certainly aren’t able to feel pain or react to their surroundings. Or, are they? In light of the tensions surrounding the failed passage of the 20-week ban on abortions, this picture and article by the pro-abortion tabloid doesn’t exactly back up their pro-abortion stance. As the March for Life organization rightfully tweeted out, “If smoking harms an unborn baby, what about abortion?”

It seems quite hypocritical for Cosmo to condemn pregnant mothers for smoking cigarettes and point out the harmful effects of smoke inhalation on the unborn, yet fail to mention the horrific and excruciating pain felt by unborn children during an abortion. If unborn babies have fingernails, eyebrows, eyelashes, recognize their own mother’s voice, and, according to these photos, cringe when their mothers smoke, why should it be acceptable to end the life of a baby that can feel pain?

This story by Cosmopolitan Magazine brings to light the reality of the characteristics and abilities of unborn babies at 20 weeks. While Cosmo is still outspokenly pro-abortion, we applaud the publication for pointing out that babies do feel pain and respond to an unhealthy environment at 20 weeks and beyond. As CWA’s legal counsel, Mario Diaz, Esq., noted, “It looks like we should have a new ally for the passage of the Pain Capable bill: Cosmo!”

All joking aside, while Cosmo makes an important point, its writers are missing the bigger picture. Not only did the magazine admit these babies are more than just fetuses; they acknowledged that babies are human beings who feel and react to stimuli. They even admit the evidence is “disturbing.” As a young woman, I plead with Cosmo to recognize the significant influence they have in protecting these precious unborn babies from more than just cigarettes. They could protect them from death.

Mary Teal Mulligan is an intern with CWA’s Ronald Reagan Memorial Internship Program, Spring 2015