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Concerned Women for America in Richmond

By January 13, 2012Virginia
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Concerned Women for America of Virginia made its annual journey to Richmond to attend the Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast on January 11, 2012. This event has occurred annually for forty plus years, and it is refreshing to see many of our state governmental officials participate in calling on God on behalf of:


Virginia’s armed forces and public safety personnel Virginia’s judges and the administration of justice Virginia’s legislators Virginia’s youth and families Those less fortunate Virginia’s executive officials The Scripture readings came from Deuteronomy 6, Psalm 46 and Romans 8 and were read by Delegate Donald Merricks. Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli, II introduced the keynote speaker, U.S. Congressman Frank R. Wolf as the “Conscience” of the Congress. It was a thought provoking and sobering presentation of the state of affairs in our country. Congressman Wolf stated he has never been more concerned than now. We have lost our moral and spiritual bearings, our influence is waning and the fiscal crisis has bearing on our children and grandchildren. He called on the leaders to be men/women of character. Over the years we used to look to character, but now we look at personality. We need leaders who are more interested in being principled than being popular. He also stressed that we all need to have a spirit of reconciliation (reconciliation between religions, races, political parties and between spouses/children). He closed by communicating that America is at a tipping point or turning point, and we the people can determine if the sun is setting or rising on America. He reminded us that the Soviet Union fell because of decades of prayer. After the conclusion of the Prayer Breakfast, we headed over to the General Assembly building. We gathered in one of the Capitol conference rooms and spent some time in prayer before we teamed up to visit each office. As we spoke to each secretary, we handed out a card that explained the Encourage-A-Legislator program. As the opportunity arose, we prayed for some specifics needs, spoke to legislators and tried overall to bring some encouragement to those who work at General Assembly. Please contact us if you would like more information about CWA of Virginia activities.