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Coalition Fights Lands Deal in Defense Authorization

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In a backroom deal between House and Senate leaders, the National Women’s History Museum bill was included as part of the lands package and slipped into the National Defense Authorization (NDAA).  After Concerned Women for America and others objected to this land deal, the package was initially removed and then, at the last minute, reinserted. While many House Members at CWA’s behest requested that House Leadership take out the land deal, Leadership was determined to leave it in the NDAA.  On December 4, the NDAA passed the House 300-119. In the Senate, Senators Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) have led the crusade against the Women’s History Museum.  They have said they will object to the NDAA coming to the floor.  Read the coalition letters sent to the Hill (House and Senate) and Penny Nance’s op-ed published in Breitbart.  Please call Senators Coburn (202-224-5754) and Cruz (202-224-5922) and thank them for standing strong against the Women’s History Museum.