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Christian Persecution Spreads Across Colleges

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The University of Michigan has allegedly kicked an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter off campus.  For what?  Cheating?  Excessive drug and alcohol?  Hazing?  Nope.  None of the above.  But the school has removed the Christian group’s official standing for requiring their leaders to be Christians.  Apparently, InterVarsity’s leadership is in direct violation of the university’s non-discrimination policy.

This past December, school officials summoned the Asian chapter of InterVarsity before an official board to scrutinize the so-called “discriminating” section of their club constitution.  It was here that university officials offered an ultimatum: either renounce their statement of faith or have their official recognition revoked.  Bravely, the students and group staff refused to be bullied by university officials.  Sarah Chang, who is on staff with InterVarsity, confirmed to Fox News why the students decided to stand firm in their faith.

 “For us, there’s no other option than to hold to the tenets of our faith.  We want to model a lifestyle of integrity.  Holding the Bible as the inspired, divine word of God and seeing the commands for us to choose leaders who have a vibrant faith in Jesus — is obviously something very important that we want to continue to uphold.”

 Because of this decision, the Asian Chapter of InterVarsity has been removed from campus.  It is assumed the other 10 chapters are soon to follow suit.

Let’s back up a moment.  I’m still struggling to wrap my brain around the school’s interpretation of the word “discrimination.”  Being that they have a very loose standard, the school seems to believe that anyone — despite background, education, and experience — should be given a leadership position.  Great.  Because I’d like to submit my application for their available “Acute Care Pediatrics Clinical Associate Professor” position.  I mean, if you don’t need to know a thing about the tenets of Christianity and Judeo-Christian teaching to lead a Christian group, then I certainly don’t need a background in acute pediatrics to lead a clinical seminar.  Am I right?  Of course not!  That’s why the University’s decision is persecution and discrimination in the worst form.

Do they have a Young College Democrats group?  All the Republican students should, right now, sign up for leadership roles.  Because, again, the University is feigning ignorance to the absolute truth that experience and shared worldviews are necessary to lead.

Now, while all the Republican students are applying for leadership roles in the College Democrats’ club, I’m going run for president.  And I expect all the liberal university officials to vote for me, despite my experience.  Or I’ll use the “D”-word — discrimination .