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Charlotte’s Bathroom Ordinance Set to be Voted on TOMORROW During Special Session

By March 22, 2016North Carolina
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Victory is in Sight! Please give your attention to this matter one more time.

We praise God that on March 22, Lt. Governor Dan Forest and Speaker Tim Moore (R-District 111) announced in a joint statement that the North Carolina General Assembly would return for a special session on Wednesday, March 23.

“The Senate and House have received the necessary number of signatures from members of the General Assembly to call themselves back into session. In accordance with the State Constitution, we will so call for a special session. We aim to repeal this ordinance before it goes into effect to provide for the privacy and protection of the women and children of our state.”

We are thankful that our elected leaders heard the voice of the people. It was your prayers, your voices for truth, showing up at rallies, and your tens of thousands of e-mails and phone calls to your legislators and to Gov. Pat McCrory that made a difference.

North Carolina is the first state in the entire country to call for a special session to overturn a sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) issue.

We are thankful to Lt. Governor Dan Forest, Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-District 26), and House Speaker Tim Moore, and for our partnership with the NC Values Coalition team, who stand for Judeo-Christian values, constitutional principles, and common sense.

Legally allowing men, or men appearing as women, to enter women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms, at any time for any reason is beyond common sense and beyond belief. The Charlotte bathroom ordinance places our women and children in danger.  Business owners will face fines and possible jail time for violating the ordinance. Our only hope to protect children, women, and businesses across the state is for the Governor and General Assembly to overturn the local ordinance in its entirety, ensuring that no city in North Carolina is allowed to pass a bathroom ordinance.

The victory is in sight, but in order to bring it home, your urgent prayers and action are needed.

Please Take Action NOW!

  • Call and e-mail both your representative and senator and ask them to overturn the “Nondiscrimination Ordinance”.  Click here to find out who your specific legislators are and how to contact them.
  • Call and e-mail Gov. McCrory and ask him to sign the override of the “Nondiscrimination Ordinance” into law as soon as he receives it from the General Assembly.  He needs to sign it before April 1, before the ordinance goes into effect. Contact him at and 919-814-2000 or 919-814-2050.
  • Plan to come to Raleigh, Wednesday, March 23, to show support for overturning this dangerous ordinance. To register and to receive an information packet, plan on arriving between 9:00-9:30 a.m. at the 3rd floor auditorium in the Legislative Building. Perhaps you’ll be asked to attend a committee hearing meeting, or to talk with your legislator, or to sit in on the House or Senate sessions. Please come and be part of this historical day.

Legislative Building
3rd Floor Auditorium
16 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC  27601

  • Volunteer for the morning registration tables. Send your name and e-mail address to to sign up.
  • Forward this e-alert now to like-minded friends, family, pastors, etc. and encourage them to take part in this historical moment in our great state.

Pray with thanksgiving that a special session has been called. Pray that God’s wisdom and truth guide the General Assembly and Gov. McCory to repeal Charlotte’s Bathroom Ordinance, ensuring that no such ordinance passes in cities throughout our state.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and in everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (I Thessalonians 5:16-18).

For Freedom!

Sheri Miller
State Director
CWA North Carolina
Face Book: Concerned Women for America of North Carolina