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Celebrity Moms Leave Daughters with Regrets

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Kim Kardashian, celebrity, socialite, and star of the E! reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” recently announced that she regrets posing for Playboy back in 2007.

Just before her reality show was to begin airing, Kim posed nude for Playboy.  Of course, an episode of her show documented the shoot.  At the time, Kim was proud to celebrate her body, and her mom told her how beautiful the photos were going to be.

However, three years later, Kim says the shoot made her feel “uncomfortable,” and she regrets it altogether.  What was Kim’s mom’s response to her hesitance?  She says her mom, Kris Jenner, actually pressured her to go through with it.  “They might never ask you again.  Our show isn’t on the air yet.  No one knows who you are.  Do it and you’ll have these beautiful pictures to look at when you’re my age.”

Wow.  She gives an entirely new meaning to the term “stage mom.”

I mean, it just seems as if more and more mothers are willing to pimp their daughters out for fame and publicity.  The message it sends to young girls is that it’s more important to be admired for your sexuality than for true beauty and character.

It makes me sad beyond words that Kris Jenner sent that kind of message to her daughter, and by extension, young women everywhere.  Daughters want to be told by their mothers that they’re beautiful and valued, not that the only way to get attention and publicity is to exploit their body for a magazine that demeans and insults women and perverts the minds of men.

I hope Kim heals.  And I hope she learns the truth that her intrinsic value has precious little to do with her body.  Most of all, when she’s her mom’s age and has all those “beautiful pictures to look at,” I hope she’ll tell her daughter, “Popularity is as fleeting as your looks.  You are more beautiful in your quiet confidence and virtue than anyone can ever know.  Tell Playboy to take a hike.”

Demi Bardsley is Congressional Liaison and Media Coordinator for Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee.