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Capitol Hill Brief — Women Won’t Lose

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What does Planned Parenthood actually do? Mammograms? Nope.

What about prenatal care? Actually, only 8% of their clinics do that.

They boast about GYN exams and STD testing, but those are available through the more than 11,000 community health centers in America.

In fact Planned Parenthood only does about 1% of the nation’s pap smears and only about 2% of breast exams.  Yet they perform a full third of the nation’s abortions.

Abortion accounts for 86% of their non-governmental revenue.   94 out of 100 of their pregnant patients get one.

It’s time to stop funding them with our tax dollars.

Join us on the front lines, defending critical issues like the sanctity of life through prayer and action. Together, we’ll bring Biblical and constitutional values back to our nation. Stand with us, and give today at If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.