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Capitol Hill Brief – They Hyde Storm

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There’s a storm brewing in D.C. over the Hyde Amendment. This year’s Democratic National platform set a goal to force taxpayers to pay for abortions. They want to do this by repealing the Hyde Amendment, which has been largely uncontroversial, until now.

However, the majority of Americans – 68% to be precise – oppose taxpayer funding of abortion.

Forcing American taxpayers to fund abortions is a violation of the First Amendment rights of those who are religiously or morally opposed to abortion.

That is unacceptable.

Anything other than upholding the Hyde Amendment would be a direct contradiction of will of the American people.

Call your congressman and senators and ask them to protect Hyde.

We must protect the unborn. Sign our petition to tell Congress to preserve the Hyde Amendment. It’s the only federal limit on taxpayer-funded abortion that exists today, and we can’t let it fall. Visit to sign and save unborn lives!