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Capitol Hill Brief — Kaine Supports Hyde

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When even radically liberal Tim Kaine supports a restriction on abortion, you know it’s benign.  Here he is, reiterating his support for the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the taxpayer funding of abortion.

[Audio Clip] Reporter: One more issue, senator. The Hyde Amendment …

[Audio Clip] Sen. Kaine: MmHmm

[Audio Clip] Reporter: That bans taxpayer funding for abortion …

[Audio Clip] Sen. Kaine: MmHmm

[Audio Clip] Reporter: For or against it?

[Audio Clip] Sen. Kaine: Uh, I have been for the Hyde Amendment. I haven’t changed my position on that.

[Audio Clip] Reporter: You’re still for it? You’re still for the banning …

[Audio Clip] Sen. Kaine: I … I have not changed my position.

[Audio Clip] Reporter: Um …

[Audio Clip] Sen. Kaine: I have not changed my position on that.

Yet, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have vowed to repeal the Hyde Amendment.  That’s how radical the left has become on abortion.

We must protect the unborn. Sign our petition to tell Congress to preserve the Hyde Amendment. It’s the only federal limit on taxpayer-funded abortion that exists today, and we can’t let it fall. Visit to sign and save unborn lives!