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Capitol Hill Brief — The Left Vows to Fight

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The left depends on judges legislating from the bench to advance their causes. Because when the issues are left to the American people, they usually lose.

That is why President Trump’s appointment of constitutional judges, who refuse to legislate from the bench and distort the law to bring about so-called progress, is a great threat to their agenda.

Daniel Goldberg, legal director of the leftist Alliance for Justice, said Trump’s appointments are “disturbing,” vowing to fight against them.

And Sasha Buchert, a staff attorney for Lambda Legal, says, they are “confident [their] work will … result in some of these dangerous nominees going down.”

That’s why we must support President Trump and the Senate in the appointment of judges.

Our elected officials must ensure that Biblical values remain protected in America. Please visit today, and sign our open letter to President Trump to let him know you support Judeo-Christian values. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.