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Capitol Hill Brief — Support Trump on Judges

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Did you know that President Trump has made more judicial nominations at this point than Obama, Clinton, and Reagan combined?  That’s right.  The media wouldn’t tell you that, but the president’s doing excellent work in this area, and the impact will be lasting.

Remember many of these judicial appointments are for life, and these judges, who have promise to abide by the constitution instead of legislating from the bench, will remain on the bench well beyond the president’s time in office.

These are judges who will protect religious liberty and respect life.  Judges that will be impartial, instead of showing favoritism for progressive groups.  Judges that will protect free speech.

We must continue to support the president judicial appointments.

Our elected officials must ensure that Biblical values remain protected in America. Please visit today, and sign our open letter to President Trump to let him know you support Judeo-Christian values. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.