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Capitol Hill Brief — Broken Confirmation Process

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The rate of confirmations for President Trump’s judicial nominees leaves much to be desired. Senate leadership is doing everything it can to get the nominees through the process, but Democrats are using every tactic available to obstruct these well-qualified nominees.  Some have stoop so low as to object to a nominee’s Christian faith. Here is what Sen. Ted Cruz said at the press conference I participated last week:

[Audio Clip] Sen. Ted Cruz: We saw Prof. Barrett, a distinguished professor at Notre Dame, a respected academic, someone whose credentials are impeccable, grilled by Democratic senators, one Democratic senator demanding, “Are you an Orthodox Catholic?” … grilled not for their qualifications, not for their record, but for their faith.

Join us on the front lines. Call your senators now, and urge them to fill vacant judicial posts. Visit to get your senators’ information today. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.