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Capitol Hill Brief — Blue Slips

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One of the biggest reasons for Trumps surprising victory was his commitment to appointing constitutional judges.  President Trump has done as promised, but Democrats are vowing to stop him.

But how can they do that, you may ask, when Republicans have the majority in the Senate?

Well, some leftists are advocating for the misuse of what is known as “blue slips” to block the process of confirmation. “Blue slips” are a sort of sign-off that a home state senator of a nominee have been traditionally allowed to have.  A nomination is usually held off until both home state senators return their “blue slips.”

This sort of abuse of traditional rules reminds us why we must remain engaged in this fight.

Our elected officials must ensure that Biblical values remain protected in America. Please visit today, and sign our open letter to President Trump to let him know you support Judeo-Christian values. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.