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California Assisted Suicide Bill Shelved for Now!

By July 13, 2015California
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Great news! SB 128, the assisted suicide bill, has come to a dead halt … at least, for now.

This is wonderful news to celebrate. After smooth sailing through Senate committees and the Senate floor, the Assembly Health Committee put on the brakes due to lack of support.

Please check out this article, California Aid-in-Dying Bill Shelved for the Year by the Los Angeles Times.

We do expect this to reappear and will keep an eye out for it, but for now, take some time to praise our Creator and the great Author of life who knows our end from our beginning.

Bless you, precious praying brothers and sisters, for keeping this issue lifted up to God and for your action in making phone calls and writing letters. We act as if it is all up to us; we pray as if it is all up to Him.

“…[do] what is humanly possible, then [lean] on God for the outcome. God had to do what [King Hezekiah] could not do. A place exists for both preparation and prayer. To employ only one is naïve and incomplete.” ~John C. Maxwell

Also, our targeted bills list is back! The key bills we are following this legislative session are linked on our site where you can read the text, find out the most recent activity, and learn what you can do to make a difference. Just click on the link in the left sidebar.