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California Assisted Suicide Bill Dead?

By August 7, 2015California
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We recently announced that SB 128, the assisted suicide bill, has come to a halt but we cannot assume the bill will not return one way or another. In truth, we are expecting it to make a comeback.

Bills have come back from a presumed demise before. Please continue contacting your Assembly Members and voice your opposition.


  • Praise God for the current pause we see in the furtherance of this bill; but also pray that we will remain watchful.
  • Pray that our Assembly members will jealously guard life.
  • Pray that doctors will always hold to their Hippocratic oath to save life and not destroy it.

Act: Contact your Assembly Member and ask him/her to oppose assisted suicide.

Talking points (Source: Californians Against Assisted Suicide):

  • SB 128 does not require a patient’s state of mind to be evaluated by a psychiatrist or mental health professional.
  • SB 128 would allow insureres to steer patients toward death instead of paying for expensive treatment.
  • People who are told they have a short time to live often go on to live much longer than their prognosis.
  • SB 128 would not require that a family member be notified when a patient is considering physician assisted suicide.
  • SB 128 would not require a medical professional be present when the lethal prescription is taken.

Be alert! You are a watchman.