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Attack on Israel – Statement from CWA

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“Concerned Women for America leaders around the country are joining in fervent prayer for the people of Israel, and against this evil attack that targets innocent civilians,” said Penny Nance, CEO and President of CWA, on the news of a devastating attack on Israel by the terrorist militant group Hamas. “The Biden Administration must be unequivocal on Israel’s right to defend itself and must reconsider its previous willingness to engage with those who commit such attacks, while chanting ‘Death to Israel,’ and ‘Death to America.’ Let there be no question around the world that America stands with Israel.

“President Biden’s weak and feckless foreign policy has led to this tragic attack on our most important ally and friend in the Middle East,” said Penny Nance.  “Giving $6 Billion to the militant state of Iran undoubtedly helped fund Hamas terrorists who carried out this attack on innocent Israeli citizens. More than 800 people dead while women and children are being tortured in the streets can be laid at the feet of the Biden Administration. The President says he stands with Israel, let’s see it in action.”