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Are You Tired of Paying for Abortions With Your Taxes?

By July 18, 2018North Carolina
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Dear Friend,

Are you tired of paying for abortions with your taxes? I sure am! Together, we have a chance to do something about it!

In less than two weeks, it will be the last day to post your comments expressing your views to U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Azar. After the 60-day comment period is up, HHS will review the comments and issue a final rule based on the public’s feedback.  The deadline is Tuesday, July 31. So far about 66,000 comments have been posted. We do not yet know how many are positive or negative. But, it has been reported that HHS was anticipating 10% positive and 90% negative. So, we are praying that all pro-life warriors will unite and let your voices be heard at HHS!

We have a great and urgent opportunity to shift taxpayer funds away from abortionists and direct funds toward real health centers. Planned Parenthood alone receives at least $50 million from Title X, and 90% of the women who enter their clinics have abortions. A new proposed rule directs money away from abortion providers.

Together we can influence the right to life on a national level. The opposition will not take their hand out of the cookie jar without significant opposition.  

We are in need of substantive comments and lots of them. The opposition is already fighting this because abortion is big business and they love their government subsidies. Planned Parenthood is mobilized with an army contacting HHS Secretary Azar.  They will sue and intimidate, so we must be vigilant, mobilized, passionate, strong and courageous on behalf of unborn babies.

From our June 20, 2018 e-alert, you can see the variety of ways where Planned Parenthood unashamedly promotes pornographic instruction materials along with additional information about abortion, sells aborted baby body parts, and participates in human trafficking, etc. (

It’s time; let’s take action! Enough is enough! Let us defend the right to life! 

Take Action:

  1. Please click here for more information about the regulation as well as step-by-step instruction on how to submit a comment.  We have provided a comment you can easily copy and paste (if you don’t have time to write a comment yourself), and the link to the comment submission form. It only takes about 5 minutes to do.
  2. Please pass this e-alert on to family and friends! Encourage them to both pray and take action.Let us join in prayer together: “Lord, we love YOU!  Thank YOU for creating us!  We ask that You bless our efforts as we speak out boldly for the unborn. We cry out to you to multiply our efforts to send a lasting and convincing message. In the powerful name of Jesus. Amen”

“… praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints— [ … that we] may speak boldly, as [we] ought to speak” (Ephesians 6:18, 20).

Again, the deadline is July 31; please comment right away and then use the remainder of the time to encourage those you know to comment as well.

For Life and Liberty,

Jill Coward
State Director
CWA of North Carolina

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