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An Imperial-Acting House Hands Its Subjects a Callous Bill

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Concerned Women for America of Texas is dismayed at the arrogance of the U.S House in passing the health care bill. Sunday, March 21, 2010, marks the day that a legislative body in America, representing a minority opinion, chose to defy the will of a majority of the people and institute a program destined to bankrupt our nation. Little of substance can be argued to soften the harsh realities of the mandate.

Babies aborted using taxpayer funding (forget the putative “executive order” used to buy Stupak’s vote, which can easily be overridden by a court enforcing the law), “death panels” to determine which care will be denied elderly or disabled Americans (some veterans who gave their livelihoods to save our freedom), and a bloated IRS (to monitor your insurance as they now do your taxes) – all are brutal exchanges for a new bureaucratic nightmare that is disapproved of by over 80 percent of our citizens.

These are the Texas Congressional members who voted for the Health Care bill.
Henry Cuellar – Democrat (Laredo)
Lloyd Doggett – Democrat (Austin)
Charles Gonzalez – Democrat (San Antonio)
Al Green – Democrat (Houston)
Gene Green – Democrat (Houston)
Ruben Hinojosa – Democrat (Mercedes)
Sheila Jackson Lee – Democrat (Houston)
Eddie Bernice Johnson – Democrat (Dallas)
Solomon Ortiz – Democrat (Corpus Christi)
Silvestre Reyes – Democrat (El Paso)
Ciro Rodriguez – Democrat (San Antonio)
All other members of the Texas delegation voted “NO” on the bill.

“Now is the time for all good (women and) men to come to the aid of their country.” Remember learning that in your typing class? Now is the time to act. Become a part of a local Prayer/Action Chapter in your area. It will help you be educated, pray, and act on issues such as this. 972-722-2776 is the number to call.