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America Wins, Despite the Room Noise

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It is impossible not to think of, on almost on an hourly basis, the tragedy that occurred in Arizona this past weekend. America’s deep awareness of the value of life and liberty has once again been stirred to the core, sadly by the finger of a sole human being who chose to be evil.

We have united in prayer and support, regardless of policy positions or walks of life. Yes, my friends, that is what is happening. Over and over again in history, America has risen and stood strong in the face of adversary, and it is happening again right now. The room noise you are hearing from a few far left-wing liberals in media and leadership is just that, and it will soon fade away into oblivion, as it always does. Sadly, some will never understand the greatness of the American spirit, the liberty to which we subscribe, and the strength we find in our faith.

Let not your heart be troubled; as history shows, truth cannot be spun for long and will always stand strong against the winds of deception.

Life does go on, even for those whose lives have been tragically affected, and even for those who are healing and miraculously recovering in that hospital in Tucson. And that is indeed the information that is now coming forth from good reporters and officials — miracles, bravery, and healing. Have you seen the medical team at the hospital press conferences? What a part of America’s finest! I am touched by the blessing it is to have such highly qualified people among us who take their calling to heal and restore the human body so seriously and, may I say, without any allegiance to political parties while doing so. Wow, just awesome to behold! The contrast, of course, comes from those who chose to tread on a road of self-promotion and who continue to spin tales of mistrust and blame. Room noise.

America is winning, and what you hear from the far left is the death cry of an agenda that has utterly failed — an ideology rejected by the vast majority of Americans and one that has historically succumbed to freedom-loving people all over the globe. Of course, they are angry. Of course, they are kicking, screaming, and blaming. It is like a child who knows they will not get their will, but will let the entire household, store, or parking lot know their feelings of defiance, however useless their efforts may be.

Yes, I understand the hurt and devastation of blame. As a mother of a nine-year-old girl, mine born on the morning of 9-12-01, I grieve with the family of the youngest victim of this tragedy, a promising sister to mine, if you will, who had a call to be part of the restoration of America — of that I am sure. All our young ones have that call!

And I also grieve over the erroneous and immoral blame put on the Palin family, who I know deeply share my grief over the death of little Christina in Tucson. We “meet” in the common place of motherhood of nine-year-olds, and we cry.

The collective heart and genius of America does not accept the erroneous and hateful blame game and behavior being offered by a few. America is better than that, stronger than that, and more honest than that. Sarah Palin, along with Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) and others being assaulted these days by the liberal left, all espouse the belief and pride in America and Americans that, frankly, is above the fray!

The room noise will not deter any of us from supporting the common-sense, freedom-loving constitutional principles put forth by Palin and others in leadership who stand firm on conservative, time-tested principles. The lack of integrity and intellectual honesty of the far left is at first stunning and hurtful, but sadly and quickly becomes laughable.

So, though the blame game is hurtful, in the long run, it matters not. Let’s not buy into the room noise. We have serious issues at hand in our nation. This tragic event in Arizona will remain seared into our collective hearts, but it was an anomaly in our history.

We will continue to pray for the healing of hearts, as we also look to God to somehow, beyond our understanding, turn this horrid event into something good. “Beauty from ashes” is my hope and belief.

Somehow, it is a stark reminder to us, and maybe a gift of hope and remembrance, that little Christina’s first day in the arms of her mom nine years ago was a day when America knew who America was — that beacon on a hill, that bastion of liberty — a day in which we stood unified against evil. May little Christina’s life be a national symbol of our strength and faith and a call to stand strong against evil.

Janne Myrdal serves as state director for CWA of North Dakota. To get involved with one of our other fine state organizations, visit our CWA in the States page.