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Aid Package to Israel is Highest Priority

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For Immediate Release
April 19, 2024

Contact:  CWA Communications Team

Aid Package to Israel is Highest Priority

Women’s Group Scores House Vote on Funding for Greatest Ally

Washington, D.C. – Today, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) urges Congress to quickly pass the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act which would provide emergency funds to help Israel in their fight against Iran, Hamas, and other terrorist groups intent on their destruction. CWALAC will be scoring the U.S. House of Representatives’ vote on the rule and the funding for Israel taking place on Saturday, April 20. 

“Israel is at war against terrorism and the United States cannot allow our greatest ally to fail,” said Penny Nance, CEO and President of CWALAC. “Biden’s feckless foreign policy has left the lives of millions at risk and the October 7 hostages, including six Americans, are still being held in captivity by terrorists. We must get aid to Israel NOW.

“Our supporters will be alerted as to where Members of Congress stand on support for Israel. The threats to Speaker Mike Johnson’s leadership, the debate over Ukraine, or border security are a distraction from this urgent imperative to aid Israel.

“Supporting Israel is the best strategy for the United States at every level. We must help our closest ally in the region and give them the tools they need to defeat the terrorists who brutalized and murdered their citizens and to use against Iran, an enemy of the U.S. who has vowed to destroy Israel.”

CWALAC’s legislative scorecard of Congress reflects the positions on CWA’s core issues and the values of the hundreds of thousands of women we represent across the country. This scorecard serves as a measure of a Member’s stance on critical national issues, including the sanctity of life, religious freedom, election integrity, protections for women, education, illegal drug regulation, and support for Israel. The final cumulative scores provide a clear metric for voters to evaluate their elected officials.

“Monday is Passover and one of the holiest days for our Jewish friends,” continued Nance. “Our greatest gift to them would be to aid them in this fight. This is a spiritual battle, and we must stand uniquivocally with Israel and its right to defend itself. We pray for our friends on the ground; we pray for the Israeli Defense Forces, and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

Support for Israel is one of Concerned Women for America’s seven core issues. CWA and its Young Women for America (YWA) leaders have been holding prayer vigils for Israel on college campuses and at civic centers around the country to focus attention on the suffering of the Jewish people.

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Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) is the legislation and advocacy arm of Concerned Women for America. Concerned Women for America is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization with a rich 40-year history of helping our members across the country bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy.