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ACT NOW to Preserve Religious Freedom in Tennessee Schools!

By February 27, 2014Tennessee
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ACT NOW to Preserve Religious Freedom in Tennessee Schools!

Concerned Women for America of Tennessee, along with American Family Association, is supporting The Religious Viewpoints Non-Discrimination Act (HB1547/SB1793). It has been introduced in the State of Tennessee to protect children’s religious liberties in public schools.

House Bill 1547 and Senate Bill 1793 will guarantee students free expression of religious belief in schools, including speaking at assemblies and homework assignments, and mandating that schools permit religious student organizations.

For example, elementary students could celebrate Christmas by passing out candy canes with the story of the nativity, middle school students could openly discuss their favorite Bible character in speech class, and high school students could do essays on why they believe in Jesus.

It also requires schools to permit students to organize prayer groups, religious clubs, “see you at the pole” gatherings, and other religious gatherings before, during, and after school to the same extent that students are permitted to organize other non-curricular student activities and groups.

HB1547 has been introduced in the House by Rep. Courtney Rogers, and the companion Senate bill (SB1793) has been introduced by Sen. Ferrell Haile.

TAKE ACTION: Please send an e-mail to your State Representative and Senator by clicking here.

Feel free to use the following text as an example:

Dear Representative/Senator ______________,

Please support the Religious Viewpoints Non-Discrimination Act (HB1547/SB1793). Our family believes that our children should have the opportunity to discuss their viewpoints without the fear of repercussions from school faculty or staff.

Thank you for your service, and we would appreciate your “Yes” vote on the Religious Viewpoints Non-Discrimination Act.


PRAY: Please pray with us that legislators hearts will be open and supportive of protecting the right of students to express their religious views.