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Abortionists: Human Traffickers’ Best Ally

By March 22, 2011Sanctity of Life
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Ten years ago it struck me that, if a girl is sexually trafficked, at some point she will end up pregnant, and traffickers will take their victims to abortionists in order to keep selling them.

So I searched out a few key people to pursue this link.

A detective who handles sex crimes and domestic violence in Ohio was my first contact. I asked if there are policies for doctors to detect a victim of domestic violence. Since these women will usually hide the cause of their bruises, it can be difficult to draw them out.

“Yes,” he responded. Detailed programs have been developed to train medical professionals how to detect, delicately question, and provide help to a patient. Curious about why I was asking, I told him about the scourge of trafficking.

His heart was gripped for these women. He went on to develop an interagency task force with law enforcement and social services that became a model for the Department of Justice.

I next met with the federal official who launched the trafficking office at the Department of Health and Human Services. We discussed how abortion clinics would be a prime location to find trafficking victims.

He agreed.

A manual for police on “The Exploitation of Trafficked Women,” produced in 2006, includes abortion clinics under the heading “Locating trafficked women” as “venues where they may be found.”

Just as with domestic violence, medical professionals are on the front lines to detect a trafficking victim and should be duty bound to rescue them. So I talked with my good friends at the Christian Medical Association, whose members serve in the U.S. and as medical missionaries around the world.

They developed a training program for their doctors to detect and rescue trafficking victims. Dr. Jeff Barrows and his wife even renovated a farm house in a rural area to use as a safe house.

Not long after these meetings, a newspaper reported on the case of a young woman rescued from traffickers. Buried in the article was the fact that she had been taken twice for abortions. Obviously, the abortion personnel neglected to help her either time. It confirmed my suspicions.

Another victim testified in Congress of her ordeal. She said:

“When I was fourteen I was smuggled into the United States. It was then the men told me that my employment would consist of having sex with men for money. I had never had sex before, and I had never imagined selling my body.

And so my nightmare began. Because I was a virgin, the men decided to initiate me by raping me again and again, to teach me how to have sex. Over the next three months, I was taken to a different trailer every 15 days. Every night, I had to sleep in the same bed in which I had been forced to service customers all day.

I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I wasn’t allowed to go outside without a guard. Many of the bosses had guns. I was constantly afraid.

Because I was so young, I was always in demand with the customers. [E]ventually, I became pregnant and was forced to have an abortion. They sent me back to the brothel almost immediately.”

Imagine how she felt when she was taken from her trailer-prison to a so-called “trusted” health care provider. Here was an opportunity to be rescued! Then the crushing despair when she realized the abortionists were partnering with her captors.

The evidence (see below) suggests that instead of rescuing victims, Planned Parenthood and other abortionists assist traffickers. This way, they make not just one sale, but repeat sales.

Just look at Planned Parenthood’s business model. It points to creating a stream of patients for abortion, their highest revenue maker.

They recommend graphic sex ed to children. The message: engage in sex early and often. They hand out condoms that Consumer Reports rated the worst available. They have instituted quotas on abortion, or “client goals” to reach each month. They require each affiliate to perform abortions.

In 2009, Planned Parenthood reported raking in $191 million from abortions.

In 2002, Life Dynamics called hundreds of abortion clinics, posing as a victim of statutory rape. Over 90 percent concealed the crime in order to rack up another abortion sale.

In 2008, Lila Rose did the same thing — but in person. With hidden video cameras, she found Planned Parenthoods around the country covering up statutory rape. In 2010, she exposed them giving inaccurate medical information to teenagers.

Yet after three nationwide stings, Planned Parenthood still did not clean up its act.

Last year, I talked with Lila Rose about the link between traffickers and abortionists and encouraged her to investigate. She put Planned Parenthood to the test. What would they do when presented with child sex traffickers?

Planned Parenthood was caught again, this time aiding sex traffickers of underage girls.

What was particularly shocking was that Lila’s tapes confirm that it is business as usual for Planned Parenthood to partner with criminals against their patients. None of their personnel — from clinic managers to the top spokesmen — seemed surprised or disturbed that human traffickers would be using their services. Instead, they complained that they may be the target of a sting.

Here’s a simple baseline that all people of good will — including politicians — can agree on: organizations that receive government funding should obey the law.

Government officials have a choice: will they side with Planned Parenthood, an accomplice of child sex traffickers and pedophiles, or will they end taxpayer funding of this group that aids and abets modern-day slavery?

Wendy Wright is the president of Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.