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A Special Thank You and Welcome to Two Outstanding Women

By March 21, 2011New York
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Both CWA national and CWA of New York thanks Anne Downey for her excellent service as state director since August 2005. Anne is stepping down to work on a number of other pro-life and pro-family projects but will continue to handle the website for CWA of NY. The website continues to draw a lot of Internet traffic, and we are still sending out the brochure titled “When you’ve learned that your baby may have Down syndromeThere is help and hope”.

We are very pleased to announce that CWA of NY Legislative Liaison Michelle Mulledy has agreed to serve as our new state director. Congratulations, Michelle! Michelle is a real estate agent residing with her family in the Albany area. Michelle has worked hard on pro-life and pro-family issues in our state, and she and her husband have a ministry of promoting healthy marriages in churches. It is a great blessing to have Michelle assume this leadership position. Please pray for Michelle and her family.