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Abortion Mill Closed in Montgomery, Alabama

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After being on probation with the Alabama Department of Public Health for four years, the Beacon Women’s Center has closed its doors. The Department issued a 68-page report of violations including failure to report suspected sex abuse, failure to comply with laws like a 24-hour waiting period, mandatory ultrasound and other informed consent requirements. Other problems included failure to determine if patients had drug allergies, use of expired medication and supplies, an administrator assisting with abortion surgeries, and use of unsterilized medical equipment, including speculums and dilators. Health inspectors also noted the abortion center engaged in false lab tests, was improperly conducting urinary pregnancy tests – and that staff scored a 60% failure for proficiency in conducting pregnancy tests. Ben DuPre, attorney for the Foundation for Moral Law, has been a sidewalk counselor at the center since 2002 and shares with us how concerned citizens were able to convince the Department of Public Health to inspect the state’s abortion mills and hold them to legal medical standards.


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