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CWA to Testify at FDA Hearing on Abortion Drug

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Washington, D.C. – A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory Committee will meet on Thursday, June 17, to discuss if Ella, a drug that is similar to the abortion drug RU-486, should be available in the U.S. Ella blocks the hormone progesterone, interfering with the lining of the uterus so an embryo cannot implant or, if implanted, will not survive.

Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America (CWA), will testify at the hearing, making these points:

Ella operates in the same manner as the abortion drug RU-486 by blocking progesterone receptors. This interferes with the uterine lining, impacting embryos that have not yet implanted and those that have implanted, aborting a pregnancy.

Women will take Ella thinking it’s a morning-after pill, when in fact, it is an abortion pill.

If Ella is easy to access, women will be victims to it being slipped to them without their consent. This has already happened numerous times with other abortion-causing drugs. Drugs that can cause an abortion, while touted as giving women more control over their bodies, are just as easily used by men to exploit women.

Advocates for the morning-after pill claimed that it would dramatically reduce pregnancies and abortions. Now they admit that’s not true. They also admit that morning-after pills are not as effective as previous studies – which the FDA relied on – claimed.

The same advocates claim that RU-486 is safe, but the families of the women who died from that drug will beg to differ.

Proponents excuse the selling of an ineffective drug to women who are not at risk of getting pregnant as a “woman’s right.” In reality, what they cloak as a woman’s “entitlement” is a facade to promote their own ideological crusade.

The FDA should not unleash Ella on unsuspecting women- a drug promoted by activists with a history of overstating the efficacy of reproductive drugs while understating the overall risks to women.