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It’s a sad day in America when our president is so beholden to the abortion industry that he defaults to talking points when confronted with evidence of child abuse and sex trafficking.  That is what happened recently when, in an interview with a Richmond, Virginia, TV station, President Barack Obama was asked about the controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood, caused by the release of several undercover videos by the pro-life group Live Action.

Rather than show horror, concern, or disgust, Obama resorted to talking points on the economy.  According to LifeSite News, he responded, “I will tell you, the vast majority of people right now, what they’re thinking about are jobs, the economy — I think sometimes these issues get manufactured, and they get a lot of attention on the blogosphere.”

This is not the response we want from our political leaders when confronted with video footage of Planned Parenthood staff members at seven different facilities offering advice to an undercover investigator disguised as a “pimp” on how to obtain secret abortions, STD testing, and contraception for his underage prostitutes.

The president also felt compelled to add that he believed Planned Parenthood “in the past has done good work.”

It appears as if, even as president and leader of the free world, standing for what’s right is just one more thing “above his pay grade.”

See all the Live Action videos here, Concerned Women for America (CWA) is one of the coalition members.