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A Reminder of Why We Do What We Do

By August 15, 2017North Carolina
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I think I joined Concerned Women for America (CWA) back in 1985.  As I am not normally a “joiner” of groups, this one particularly intrigued me as I became involved with a small group of women who held a CWA Prayer/Action Chapter.  I was impressed at how humble and “concerned” they were about the growing secularization of our nation.

Each was of a different denomination: one Catholic, two Episcopalians, and two others of mainline denominations. They were united by their faith in Christ, seeking, through prayer and action, how to “witness” their Biblical faith to others without being offensive. However, in today’s world, offense is taken at anyone who goes against the worldly position of the left!

For the last decade, I’ve been a Prayer/Action Chapter leader  and continue to “witness” in the political world by reminding people of Ronald Reagan’s great maxim:  “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under.”

CWA’s CEO and President, Penny Nance, did a wonderful job of illustrating the hypocrisy of the recent politicization of yet “more rights” that, of course, negate the rights of so many others!  Read her op-ed, Do Transgender Rights Trump Women’s Rights? The Left Needs to Decide, on  Our daughters deserve better than this false utopian worldview.  They deserve our continued prayers for safety, knowing that our Lord blesses them with an innate sense of modesty that gives them His protection.

Penny’s humble, yet straight forward and intellectual response to the issue of “women’s rights” is continually refreshing and once again reminds me why I am a part of this leading organization.

As concerned women, may we continue to stand strong against the world that aims to tear our femininity away.

Bonnie Dougherty, Commander, USN Ret. and Southern Pines CWA of North Carolina Prayer Action Chapter Leader

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A note from Jill Coward, State Director:  A special thanks to Bonnie for this inspiring word.  If any of you reading this today are interested in information about a CWA chapter in your area, contact me, and I will be happy to connect you with the closest group.  Also, if you are feeling a stirring from the Lord, pray and ask Him if He would have you start a chapter. I would love to pray and talk with you about it!

Jill Coward
State Director
CWA of North Carolina