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A Prayer for the Supreme Court

By January 31, 2017LBB, News and Events
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A few days ago, our CEO & President Penny Nance sent an urgent prayer request to our more than 400 prayer/action chapters around the country. In light of tonight’s impending announcement of President Trump’s nominee to be the next justice of the Supreme Court, I wanted to share the prayer she shared with all of us.

Heavenly Father,

Our hearts exalt You;
the Rock of our salvation.
There is none like You;
a God of love and wisdom.

Your wisdom we seek,
and ask that You may grant discernment
to our President and his team
as they make their choice for the Supreme Court.

We humbly ask that You may make clear
what is hidden at plain sight.
That they may chose a man of righteousness;
the man You have chosen for such a solemn task.

May this nominee understand that justice and righteousness
go hand in hand;
that the fear of the Lord
is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom.

Make the choice plain for the team,
beyond the human accomplishments they see.
Stay the hand of the enemy at every turn;
may his schemes crumble before they even start.

We put not our trust in horses or kings
but in You, the King of kings.
To whom we ascribe
all glory and honor and praise now and forevermore,