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A Note from ND Choose Life: Support Measure 1 by Sending a Letter to the Editor

By August 21, 2014North Dakota
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Dear Friends,

Recently, you have may have seen an uptick in letters to the editor attacking Measure 1 with scare tactics, misinformation, and flat out untruths.

We can’t sit idly by while the other side spreads false information and relentlessly attacks what we know is best for North Dakota. So, it’s up to all of us to stand up to this vocal minority and show that the majority of North Dakotans want to pass Measure 1, and preserve and protect our common-sense pro-life laws.

A great way you can help us is by writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper that express your support for Measure 1. The editorial/opinion pages of the newspaper are consistently read by decision makers, and provide a pulse on the public’s stance on key issues of concern. This makes it a key venue for advocates working to reach policymakers and the public.

Will you do your part by clicking here and sign up to send letters to the editor of your local newspaper expressing support for Measure 1?

You don’t have to be an expert regarding what to write to the paper. And, if you aren’t comfortable writing a letter to the editor, we will help you with the whole process!

So, click here to contact us today and help us write letters that tell the truth about the Human Life Amendment and why we must vote Yes on Measure 1 this fall.

Another easy but incredibly effective way you can show your support is through social media. Click here to like ND Choose Life on Facebook, and click here to follow us on Twitter.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. You can reply to this email or reach out to me directly at

We can’t wait any longer and must take action today to stop Planned Parenthood and other out of state groups from attacking our values and way of life!

Janne Myrdal
ND Choose Life

P.S: Will you click here and make a donation today of $25, $50, $100, $500 or more so we can get our message of truth out across the state? The other side—led by out of state special interest groups like Planned Parenthood who know nothing about our values—will spend millions to push for abortion on demand in North Dakota. While we don’t need to match them dollar for dollar, we do need to raise the necessary funds in order to buy expensive television and radio ads.