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A Fashion-Speak Abortion

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My metro routine, like most anyone, consists of walking down an escalator and waiting for a train.  My particular waiting spot boasts a billboard advertisement that always brings a bit of brightness to my day.  The ads stay up for several weeks at a time, so it’s always exciting when they change them.  The most recent billboards have included a very cozy Ann Taylor loft sweater that made me want to go blow my budget to “Live in what you love.”  And then I was treated to fascinating architectural photography, although I suppose, however majestic-looking, it was a failure because I can’t remember what it was actually advertising.

Recently I noticed they had changed it again!  I noticed some pink and was hoping for another fashion billboard, especially after reading the first few words:  “I appreciated the CLASSY, CHIC, MODERN atmosphere” … Hmm. If not fashion, at least a spa. … “because that is also how I feel about myself” … Okay, maybe a beauty salon. … “Be strong, your life has purpose.  Make it happen” … Um, an inspirational seminar?

Then my eyes came to the punch line:

Because you matter.

Abortion. Birth Control. Healthcare.

WHAT?! I will admit the outrage overtook me so feverishly that I smashed my little hand into the ad’s cover as if I could punch it away.  This is how we sell women abortion? With style adjectives and spa atmospheres and quips about self-worth? Abortion shouldn’t be sold like a fashion sweater!!  Oh, and of course, “Be strong, your life has purpose.  Make it happen.”  EXCUSE ME?!  “Ignore your emotions, they are just weakness.  The baby clearly is robbing you of purpose.  Do whatever you need to do to make sure this abortion happens.”

Because you matter ... and your baby does not.

Because you matter … and your baby does not.

But really the woman doesn’t matter at all, either.  If they did, wouldn’t be selling them abortion like it’s the newest needed fashion.  They would be telling women that abortion has eternal consequences and comes with extreme regrets.  But is blind, and they are blinding the women who read this.

The ad made me realize just how far we have sunk in our nation.  If abortion is healthcare, how topsy-turvy is our world?  If abortion is healthcare, then death is healthcare.

On their website, Carafem describes their mission: “Carefem provides convenient and professional abortion care and family planning so women can control the number and spacing of their children.”  As if there was no way to do this besides abortion!  There’s even natural methods of family planning that effectively achieve this.  It’s not an altogether illegitimate goal, just twisted with vastly illegitimate means!

Abortion shouldn’t be used as a form of birth control!  It’s important to further our methods of education to women on avoiding pregnancy, encouraging marriage, and having hope and help if pregnancy occurs.  To achieve this education, the pro-life movement is going to need to get creative with our advertising, or women will be sucked in and led astray.  We need to tell women “Be strong, your life and the life inside you has purpose.  Have this baby.”