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A Case of Mistaken Identity

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In Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s latest end-of-year appeal, Cecile Richards wrote, “It seems like every day the attacks on women’s health get louder and more extreme. … Women and men across the country are beginning to realize just how dangerous our opponents are, just how extreme their agenda truly is.”

Extreme?  Please.

We’re not the ones aiding and abetting child rapists by telling their victims to lie about their age so they can get an abortion.  In 2008, Live Action exposed your staff’s rampant sexual abuse cover-ups and blatant medical misinformation — in fourteen different states!

We’re not the ones aiding and abetting sex traffickers. In February 2011, Live Action caught your Planned Parenthood of New Jersey manager side-stepping the law by coaching a man and woman who were posing as sex traffickers on how to be as “legit as possible” in obtaining secret abortions and contraception for their underage female sex slaves.

And we’re not the ones encouraging women to have an abortion based on the sex of the child. recently exposed a Planned Parenthood Chapel Hill clinician supporting a mother seeking sex-selective abortion of baby girls in the hopes of having a baby boy instead.

And yet, we’re extreme? No, that’s YOU, Miss Richards. That’s YOUR Planned Parenthood.  We’re not extreme; YOU are.

Our guest blogger today is Christian Shelby, a volunteer with Concerned Women for America.