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Your Constitutional rights are at stake in the North Carolina General Assembly!

By June 24, 2013North Carolina
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Prayer and action is how we will impact our great state!

Last month, North Carolina reached a milestone with the passage of HB 695, Foreign Laws/ Protecting Constitutional Rights. It now needs to pass the Senate! Please pray and act on behalf of HB 695.

According to its primary sponsor, Rep. Chris Whitmire, HB 695 recognizes the United States Constitution and the Constitution of North Carolina as the supreme law of the state and declares the public policy of North Carolina is to protect its citizens from the application of foreign laws that would violate the fundamental constitutional right of a natural person within the context of family laws as defined by Chapter 50 and 50A of the North Carolina General Statue. Click here to read the bill and stay updated on its status.

Listen to Representative Chris Whitmire and other outstanding speakers from CWA of North Carolina’s Legislative Briefing to the North Carolina General Assembly: “American Laws for American Courts.”

Pray that HB 695 Foreign Laws/Protecting Constitutional Rights will pass the North Carolina Senate.

Action: Contact your state senator and ask him/her to support HB 695 Foreign Laws/Protecting Constitutional Rights in the Senate. Click here to find out who your senator is and how to contact them.

In addition please take a moment today to pass this information on to others.

Your prayers and actions will make a difference for the principles of freedom ensuring that American Laws for American Courts is maintained in the courts of North Carolina, the shining light on the hill.

Get involved with CWA of North Carolina. You are needed!