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Your Constitutional rights are at stake in the North Carolina General Assembly this week!

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Contact members of Judiciary Subcommittee C and ask them to support HB 695, Foreign Laws/Protecting Constitutional Rights. The Primary Sponsor of the bill is Rep. Chris Whitmire (R-District 113).

Six state General Assemblies have passed similar American Laws for American Courts initiatives which are crafted to protect American citizens’ Constitutional rights against the incursion of foreign/international legal policies and laws. American Civil and Criminal Law serve as a guardian to individual liberty preserved in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Click here for more information about HB 695. Click here to contact each committee member.

Throughout the morning and afternoon, TODAY is the day to contact each committee member and urge them to move HB 695 forward in the Judiciary Subcommittee C.

In addition please take a moment to pass this information on to others.

For Freedom!

Sheri Miller
CWA of North Carolina
State Director