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Women Be Aggressive!

By May 17, 2012Blog
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What does it look like to live out a faith that could move a mountain?  Dr. A.R Bernard, a former Muslim who now pastors a church of over 30,000 members in New York City, demonstrates this on a daily basis. He states that faith was given as a tool and weapon to deal with the reality of our time. After hearing of the daily threat on his life because of his decision to convert from Islam to Christianity, I have taken his call for using faith as a weapon, or having aggressive faith, a step further. With my passion for looking at the present assault on Christianity and women from the Muslim nation, I have reached some conclusions.

As women in today’s society, we are being attacked from all sides, and it is imperative that we be aggressive in our faith. Ecclesiastes 3:8 tells us there is a season for peace and for war. With our families being destroyed, marriage being degraded, and our government on a path of entitlement and excess spending, we must see the present need — that of a united voice. We are under attack. As Americans we must see the threat to our nation and as Christians we must see the threat to our beliefs. Due to God and our country’s sole purpose, the Muslim nation assaults the very core of our founding. We are considered as “people of the book” or “infidels” and as such, in their view, we deserve total annihilation.

I, for one, refuse to be passive to a culture or religion that considers women second-class and allows men to abuse and oppress them.  Christian Americans should be informed on the Muslim nation and the effect it has on women.  It’s time to rise up.  It’s time we get aggressive.  It’s time we start to realize the season of war dawning upon us.  God gives His people revelation, He instructs us, and I for one will have an aggressive faith to answer the call — faith that is larger than a mustard seed!  I will be like the apostles, who defended their faith so aggressively, even when the Roman Empire threated them with death!  They still prevailed and walked forthrightly.

Aggressive reaction is woven into the very fibers of our Christian and American doctrine.  We need to be warriors, courageous and understanding this present season.  In Hebrews 11:33, we are told that faith is conquered, obtained, quenched, escaped, and made strong, just to name a few aggressive verbs listed!

But in defining what I mean by “aggressive faith,” let me add one more aggressive verb: “reach.” As Christians, we need to “reach into the Muslim culture.”  It is only by the grace of God that we’re not the ones wearing hijabs.  By learning more about the Muslim mindset — by understanding their culture and worldview — we can better know how to present them with the Gospel.  It’s been shown that Muslims answer best to an authoritative presence.  So heed the advice of the Apostle Paul, and be confident in the Gospel; be confident in His Spirit within you, and be the Christ follower God made you to be.  Be full of the Spirit; don’t be full of yourself (don’t be arrogantly foolish).  Remember, it is well-known that strict Muslims advocate killing and desecration, so we, as educated Christians, must be aware of this and, as Jude cautions, “save with fear, pulling them out of the fire.”

Nurture this aggressive faith by passionately seeking after God through prayer and action.  And notice the order: first and foremost, pray.  Secondly, take action by educating yourself and refusing to be passive.  We need to conquer through conviction, defend our morals, and lead by example.

America was founded on Biblical principles.  Our Founding Fathers built this country on aggressive thoughts and actions.  They went up against a tyrannical government to gain freedom of religion and speech, which would not have been obtained without an aggressive faith.

So rise up!  Heed the call!  Have an aggressive faith, and trust God to lead you.  Remember, as Americans, we don’t negotiate with terrorists, and as Christians, we do not negotiate with those who seek to destroy what God has set apart.  Our faith is a weapon!  Use it!