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Will Unmasking Epstein’s Client List Wake Americans Up to Our Human Trafficking Crisis?

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In a new op-ed published by The Federalist, Penny Nance exposes the stench of the Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring as his client list is being released and all will see the kind of people who abuse children for money. “Human trafficking experts indicate this kind of activity is happening all over the country, including in affluent neighborhoods, as teens and young adults are manipulated into trafficking scenarios. It’s time that we demand that sexual exploitation is treated as the vile, despicable, and intolerable behavior we all know it to be. It’s time for a new zero tolerance for child predators. Sanctions against governments who tolerate it and life sentences for those who engage in it should be our policy going forward. We need leadership and action for a new abolitionist movement.”

Click here to read the entire op-ed as featured on The Federalist.