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Why Christians Should Vote

By October 29, 2012Missouri
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One of the most disturbing things I hear around election time is that so many people just don’t care about politics. I believe that people should be involved in politics and, more specifically, Christians should be. One argument I hear is that Christians can’t make a difference in politics. Well, history shows otherwise.

Take a look at William Wilberforce. He was a committed Christian and outspoken politician. Because this one man got involved in politics, slavery was abolished in an entire nation! Wilberforce is not the only example. Where would our country be if an unknown Baptist minister named Martin Luther King, Jr., hadn’t stood up for what he believed? You see? Christians can make a difference through politics.

Now you might be saying to yourself, “Well, sure, but those guys had huge issues to fight against – slavery, racism, etc. What do we have nowadays?” I have one word for you: “Abortion.” Abortion kills more people worldwide in two months than the holocaust did in years! Millions of those babies are Americans. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if more Christians took a stand against Hitler before the holocaust got so bad. Perhaps we have a similar case here. As has been said in the past, “To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men.”

So, you may not be able to do what Wilberforce or Martin Luther King, Jr. did, but there is one simple way that you can help. You can vote. Voting is no more than an easy drive to the nearest poll and by doing so you can make your voice heard. This election season, don’t be lazy about politics. Do your research, and vote your beliefs. You can make a difference.

Hosanna Maddux, from Branson West, Missouri, was 17 years old when she submitted this article. She wrote: “Here is the article I wrote on ‘Why Christians Should Vote.’ I was so inspired hearing Penny Nance. I’m glad I got to enjoy that!”