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“What is a Woman?” YWA Ambassador Hosts CWA Senior Advisor on Campus to Discuss

By March 24, 2023News and Events, YWA
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On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, Young Women for America (YWA) Ambassador, Anna Young, hosted an event centered around the topic “What is a Woman” through Quaestus at her school, Concordia University in Wisconsin. Quaestus is a student-led liberty, faith, and economics journal which focuses on encouraging students to have civil discourse surrounding topics such as transgender ideology, women’s sports, and what the future of womanhood looks like.

Senior Advisor for Concerned Women for America, Doreen Denny, spoke at the event. Since March Madness is currently happening, Doreen played off that theme to give three examples of “madness events” that have happened in March regarding the gender identity issue. Denny’s first example of madness happened in March of 2022, which was the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) asked Ketanji Brown Jackson to provide the definition of a woman, to which Jackson responded, “No, I can’t; I’m not a biologist.”

The second madness happened in March 2021 at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about the Equality Act. Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) asked Alfonso David, from the Human Rights Campaign, if there were more than two biological sexes, to which David responded, “You could make that argument.” The third madness was March 2022 when Lia Thomas, a biological male, won the NCAA National Championship in the women’s 500-yard freestyle race.

The definition of a woman is an adult female human being. Sex is a scientific fact, objective, and it’s at the center of our creation. If biological truth can be overruled by one self-identifying, where are the limits, and where is gender identity taking us?

Young Women for America is grateful for women like Doreen, who graciously and boldly advocate for the scientific, Biblical, and absolute truth that there are only two sexes, male and female, and recognize the dangers that arise when society ignores this truth. We are also proud of our leaders, like Anna Young, who dedicate time and resources to make conversations like this possible. We are thankful for the unique passions and purposes the Lord created us with when He distinctly created us female. As Doreen shared at the event, “Men might want to wear our heels, but they will never walk in our shoes.”