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“We the People” Ignored, Again

By September 24, 2010Press Releases
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Washington, D.C. – Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be considering, once again, the nomination of several highly controversial judicial nominees who President Obama renominated after they were sent back to him before the recess.

Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America, said:

“We really cannot be surprised that President Obama and liberals in the Senate did not listen to the concerns of millions of women about these nominees. They have not listened to the American people during their entire time in leadership.

“Here you have a judge, Robert Chatigny, who used his power and position to circumvent the law and ’empathize’ with serial killers, rapists, sex offenders, and child pornographers over women’s safety. This should be a no-brainer. Yet the President and liberals in the Senate look at all the judges in the country and pick him for a promotion. Even after the nomination is sent back and they have a chance to review the evidence and consider our objections, they still ignore our concerns.

“And he is not the only one. You have University of California-Berkley law professor Goodwin Liu, who believes that welfare and health care are Constitutional rights because he believes the Constitution should evolve and that judges should use it to bring ‘progress’ to America.

“You have Edward Chen, who said he did not feel pride but cynicism when singing ‘America the Beautiful’ and has said judges should look outside the law to reach their opinions.

“But perhaps most telling about how little President Obama and the liberal leadership in the Senate regard ‘we the people’ is the fact that they are reconsidering Louis Butler, who was rejected twice for a seat to his state’s supreme court by the voters of Wisconsin because of his judicial activism. Yet President Obama and his liberal pawns in the Senate seek to bypass the will of the American people, once again, and give him a step up into an even more prominent seat.

“Then they wonder why Americans are fed up with current leadership and are looking for real change. Enough is enough.”