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Virginia Governor Signs Abortion Clinic Regulations

By May 8, 2013Virginia
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Praise the Lord for this victory! The Virginia Abortion Clinic Regulations have been signed by Gov. Bob McDonnell. The approved rules hold Virginia abortion clinics to common sense health, hygiene and building safety regulations.

Two years in the making, the regulations adopted April 12 by Virginia’s Board of Health enhance patient safety. Those who claim that conservatives have waged a “war on women” did not support increasing women’s safety at abortion clinics. The liberals have waged the true war on women by refusing to support these common sense regulations. They have shown their true colors; they really do not want to make abortion rare and safe.

Last summer, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli blocked the efforts of the health board to exempt existing clinics from the building standards which would allow gurneys to fit through hallways, etc. Clinics now face state inspection to be licensed under rules opponents say will require those facilities to make expensive upgrades by next year to stay in business.