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Violence Against Women Act Talking Points

By March 19, 2021YWA
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Violence Against Women Act Talking Points

  • The purpose of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) from its inception has been to protect, support, and seek justice for women who have suffered assault or abuse.
  • Current VAWA law grants special protections to people who identify themselves as female but are biologically male, both by defining them as “underserved populations” and elevating their rights above those of women seeking refuge from violence.
  • There is no reason to compromise a female victim’s privacy and safety by granting access to male-bodied transgender individuals in women’s shelters.
  • Title XI of the bill gives preferential placement decisions to males in custody asserting identity as women.
  • Nondiscrimination provisions in current law weaponize transgender activism against biological women.
  • VAWA reauthorization must ensure that nothing in the intent or implementation of its provisions can be interpreted as a requirement to compromise, threaten, or undermine the privacy, safety, and rights of females in order to accommodate transgender individuals.

Taken from CWA’s letter to the House of Representatives.

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