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Value Them Both Amendment Passes House and Senate!

By January 30, 2021Kansas
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Concerned Women for America of Kansas is excited to report that the Value Them Both (VTB) Amendment has passed out of both the Kansas House and the Senate! The amendment places limits on the abortion industry here in Kansas and keeps the Kansas legislature in control of abortion laws.

The VTB Amendment will be placed on the August 2022 primary ballot. A majority of Kansans respect the value of life, and now we will have the opportunity to cast our vote in support of life next year!

We are very grateful to the legislators who voted “yes” to advance life here in Kansas We are also grateful to each of you who prayed and took action on this issue over the past several years.

Let’s pray: Dear Heavenly Father, we praise Your name today for the passage of the Value Them Both Amendment. You are the creator of life, and Your desire is that each life is protected – from conception to natural death. It is through Your power and You working in the hearts of the legislators that this amendment passed. How grateful we are to You for the mighty work You did in Kansas! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Thank you.
Barbara Saldivar
State Director