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Urgent Pro-Life Legislative Alert

By April 4, 2011North Dakota
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Please call or e-mail your state senator to support two pro-life bills coming up for vote in the North Dakota Senate this week.

Ask them to vote “Do Pass” on HB1297, the Abortion Law Enhancement Bill, and HB1450, the Embryo Protection Bill.

Click here to find your state senator’s contact information.

Ask your Senator to NOT support any amendments that would in any way weaken the language and intent of these bills. North Dakota is overwhelmingly a pro-life state, and we must act to assure that our laws express this value! Please read the information on the links below to familiarize yourself with the arguments some senators are using to oppose the bill while expressing their “prolife” convictions.

Due to the intense opposition and often misrepresenting information being published about these life affirming bills, our friends at the North Dakota Catholic Conference have posted the following excellent explanations of the life bills:



The people of North Dakota deserve to have their values expressed clearly in the law, protecting the greatest asset our State will ever have: our children.

Let’s stand strong and never give up the fight for the rights of the unborn child!