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Urgent Action Needed on Behalf of Iraqi Christians

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Iraq’s persecution of Christians is spiraling out of control. Assyrian Christians face extermination, with more than 50 percent of our brothers and sisters in Christ being driven out of their country as part of a deliberate campaign of ethnic and religious cleansing. The only area in Iraq that offers any hope of safety and respite is the Nineveh Plain (yes, Jonah, that Nineveh). The region, located in northern Iraq, has been the homeland of the Assyrian people for nearly six centuries. Tragically, Assyrian Christians in the Nineveh Plain are suffering the same demographic pressure and religious and ethnic extermination as Christians throughout Iraq. For the first time since the removal of Saddam Hussein, there are as many Assyrian Christian families fleeing the Nineveh Plain as there are of those who are arriving. The Assyrian Christian community in Iraq is now at a tipping point from which they will not recover if we, their brothers and sisters in Christ, do not come to their aid.

You can do two things to help:

First, please pray, as individuals and religious congregations, for an end to the persecution and suffering of Christians in Iraq.

Second, listen to Juliana Taimoorazy, of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, tell us about the current situation:


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