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UN Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities Treaty

By September 25, 2012LAC Hot Topics/Alerts
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In an underhanded maneuver, Senators Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) and Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) tried to bring the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to the Senate floor for a vote under a unanimous consent agreement.If Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) had not been on the floor to object, their antics would have succeeded.We need your help now! Please call your Senators today, and urge them to oppose this treaty. We need to send a clear message to Senators Durbin, Harkin, and Harry Reid (D-Nevada) that ratifying this treaty cedes United States sovereignty to an unelected and unaccountable international bureaucracy.In his floor speech to push efforts to ratify this treaty, Senator Harkin stated, “It is not going to change life in the United States or put any new requirements on the United States. Ratifying this treaty will give the United States a well-deserved seat at the international table so that the United States can provide its guidance and expertise and experience to other countries working to adopt laws, upgrade infrastructure, and modernize facilities to meet the high standards we already set and met.”The bottom line is that America can already provide guidance to other countries without embroiling itself in this treaty that does not even define the term “disability” but states that it is an “evolving concept.”If this treaty is ratified by the Senate, parental rights would be abrogated, because this treaty establishes a dangerous new legal standard for dealing with children with disabilities:”The best interests of the child.” The treaty also opens the door to abortion by including the controversial phrase “sexual and reproductive health.” This is the first time that phrase has been included in binding international law. While the U.N. General Assembly has never defined the term as including abortion, U.N. human rights treaty bodies and various U.N. agencies have routinely interpreted the term “sexual and reproductive health” to include abortion.Take Action Now: Please call your senators today, and urge them to oppose the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It is unnecessary to sign this treaty to help disabled Americans.